Price List

LevelSafety CheckChop Half Hog Whole Hog
BikeBike strip and component CleanY
Cut, Face and ream Headset, Bottom Bracket and Brake Mounts (if required)Y
Forkremove, Clean, regrease and refit Headset assemblyY
Adjust Headset BearingsYY
Adjust Handlebar and StemYYYY
BrakeSupply and Replace Inner CablesY
Supply and Replace Outer CablesY
Check and Lubricate Brake MountsYY
Check Lever FunctionYYYY
Adjust Brake PadsYYYY
Adjust Front BrakeYYY
Adjust Rear BrakeYYY
Brake Bleed if required (Fluid charges may apply)Y
GearsReplace Inner Gear CablesY
Replace outer Gear CablesY
Check wear on Chain and CassetteYYYY
Clean Chain and CassetteYY
Check Dropout Alignment YY
Check Shiftier FunctionYYYY
Check and Adjust ChainsetYY
Adjust Front GearsYYY
Adjust rear GearsYYY
WheelsCheck Rim Condition and AdviseYYYY
Check and Adjust Front and Rear wheel Bearings YY
Check and Adjust ConesYYY
True and Dish Front WheelYY
True and Dish Rear WheelYY
Check Tyre PreasuresYYYY
Check QR Function and AdjustYYYY
GeneralLube ChainYYYY
Lube CassetteYY
Lube CablesYY
Grease All Fitted boltsYY
Grease Bottom Bracket CupsY
Grease Pedal threadsYY
Clean and polishYY
AccessoriesFitting of AccessoriesYY
TransportSet call out charge of £15.00 for up to 5 Miles. 50p / mile thereafter. YYYY


FrameFrame Swap (including Inner and Outer Cable Only)£100.00
Face Headset, Bottom bracket, Disc Mounts£20.00 / Item
Reline Dropout and hanger£10.00
ForksFit Forks and Headset£25.00
Fit Handlebar, Stem and Bars£10.00
Fit Headset£20.00
Fork Service (third Party)From £65.00
BrakesAdjust Brake Caliper and Cable Front£10.00
Adjust Brake Caliper and Cable Rear£10.00
Adjust Brake Caliper and Cable including Cable replacement£15.00
Fit New Brake (Cable)£15.00
Fit New Brake (Hydraulic)£20.00
Replace Pads and Setup (Cable)£12.00
Replace Pads and Setup (Hydraulic)£15.00
Bleed Hydraulic Brake inc Fluid£20.00
GearsAdjust Front and Rear Gears£20.00
Adjust Front Gears£12.00
Adjust Rear Gears£12.00
Fit New Front Gear Cable (inc Cable)£14.00
Fit New Rear Gear Cable (inc Cable)£15.00
Fit New Gear Shifters and Setup Gears £25.00
Fit and Setup Front Derailleur (inc Cable)£17.00
Fit and Setup Rear Derailleur (inc Cable)£19.00
Fit Chain£5.00
Fit Chainset£10.00
Fit Casette£7.00
WheelsLace, True and stress Wheel£40.00
True and Balance Wheel£15.00
Spoke Replacement with True £17.00
Service Front Hub£15.00
Service Rear Hub£18.00
Adjust Wheel axle and cones£7.00
Fit Front Wheel£2.00
Fit Rear Wheel£3.00
Remove and Fit Cassette (Wheel only)£5.00
Fit Tyre £8.00
Fit Inner TubeFrom £5.00
Fit Inner Tube (Internal Hub Gear/Brake)From £15.00
CleaningDrive Chain Clean£25
Light Clean and Polish£25
Pre-Service Cleaning Charge if Required£15.00
Accessories FittingFit Handlebar Tape£10.00
Fit Grips£3.00
Fit Cycle Computer£7.00
Fit Mudguards(MTB Style)£5.00
Fit Mudguards (Full)£13.00
Fit Pannier Rack£5.00
Assemble and Fit Child Seat£15.00
Inner Tube RepairsStandard Tube Replacement (26" MTB, 700c Road and Hybrid) FrontFrom £5.00
Standard Tube Replacement (26" MTB, 700c Road and Hybrid) RearFrom £7.00
Traditional Bikes (Hub Gears and Hub Brakes)From £15.00

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT