‘Half Hog’ Service

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From used to new, in a blink of an eye.


The ‘Half Hog’ service is by far our most popular choice. A great service for keen cyclists, commuters or a bike in need of some TLC.


Once your bike is in the work stand we start by giving it a full clean using Muc-Off products.

Your bike will also have its wheels trued within 2mm of the center line; we take the time to remove the wheels and carefully work with them in a Park Tool truing jig. This process also includes checking spoke tensions to help prevent future buckles or breaks.

Tyre pressures are checked and adjusted to the manufactures recommended specification and  handlebar assemblies are checked for free movement, tightness and wear. By checking these, we can keep you pedling in the right direction.

The bottom bracket cartridge is also checked for tightness and free movement. These bearings can often make noise or even seize which causes resistance, so it is well worth making sure everything is working well.

All cables are checked for wear and corrosion and replacement stainless steel cables can be fitted if required; if not, then all cables are oiled ready for set-up.

The rear derailleur hanger is checked for straightness and adjusted if required. A full gear system set-up and tune is carried out and brake pad wear is checked. New brake pads can be fitted if necessary and a full set-up and tune of the brake system is carried out.

Tyre pressure are double checked at the end and we always test ride every job to make sure your cycling will be smooth. And we give your bike a final polish so it is returned to you looking as fresh as the day you purchased it.


‘Half Hog’ Service: £50.00 + parts.

Drive chain de-grease, clean and lube: additional +£15.00

*Hangers are always checked, though adjustment cannot always be completed due to the material that the hangers are made from. Some adjustments can cause hangers to break. We will always do our up-most to prevent this, but hangers cannot be guaranteed. please refer to the manufactures guild-lines for more information or pop us any questions along the way.

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