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Bike Fitting

Bike fitting kit has been ordered and is due on the 16.2.16! Can’t wait to test it out and see the readings.. Will be taking bookings early March..

A Clean Ride, Rides Better

Today I have been having a chat with several people about cleaning products and if they are really worth it. We have also discussed what products to use for all types of bikes. My argument is that a clean bike does ride better, giving you more satisfaction whilst riding. After a muddy ride, my protocol […]

Our Transport

We have a van to transport ourselves and bikes around. Fitted in the rear are 3 secure bike mounts, ready to transport your cycles. The mounts are roof bar cycle holders attached inside. this means all the bikes we carry are kept clean and tidy. Keep around the town for us.

‘Bike it’

We’ve had a ‘Bike it’ contract confirmed today! This means we can bring you even more brands and exciting apparel! ‘Bike it’ sell all sorts of cycle accessories, components and kit. Brands include Stealth, Biketek, Arina, GP-Pro, Eigo, Tura and Keirin. Have a look at some of there kit! Here is also a link […]

A Job Well Done

We’ve had a slightly hectic morning today, but saved till last was probably one of the most pleasing jobs on a bicycle. A boy hood dream which many have been tempted, many haven’t had the nerve and many are in the process of. The feeling of almost completing a build and leaving this one finishing feature. […]

Shimano Brake Bleed

I’ve just completed a Shimano Brake bleed. The Brake is a M575, which is one of there base models. For any XC rider out there this is a perfectly adequate for power to price. The retail of these brakes are £64.99 each, which gives you a really powerfull brake for not much outlay. Big thumbs […]

Puncture Repair

I’ve just been out to a lovely couple who had an issue with one of their front inner tubes. They have traveled from Cornwall back home to Yorkshire, stopping at regular interval to explore. They are staying at the racecourse in Warwick in a motor home, which gives a dilemma when trying to fix the […]

We have made it!!

Here we are, poised waiting for your bikes to repair. The Unleashed STAR workshop is prepared for all eventuality in bicycle maintenance. I have been asked about the name, and had some puzzled faces when I’ve explained. So if you were wondering: unleash 1. to release from or as if from a leash; set loose to pursue or run at will. 2. to abandon control of: to unleash his fury. Unleashed being past tense, we are […]